24 February 2016


BRAND AMBASSADOR! It certainly can be quite flattering to be approached by a prominent company asking to be the image of their brand, receiving  large amount of their products to wear and share on your social media spaces. Many folks would jump at the chance of receiving free clothing items, but more importantly it's worth evaluating from an unbiased angle if it really is a win-win situation, or if the scales are drastically tipped in the brand’s favor.

Over the past two and a half years, of my advent into style blogging I’ve been approached on several occasions with opportunities like these, where brands have offered “getting to keep the product” along with exposure, through their channels, in exchange for my endorsement. In other words, I would not be receiving monetary compensation for my endorsements. Those who know me on a personal level (and I’m sure my audience can tell by now) know that I value my time and my image, so when these opportunities arise I closely assess these proposals. The ones that I do accept are few and far between. In cases where I am offered payment, I consider whether the brand is a true match for myself and my audience, and if so, it’s an easier decision to make.

Such was the case in  becoming a brand Ambassador for Artizara.

 Artizara is the leading e-tailer in women's Islamic fashion stemming out of California. As one of the first companies to enter the online Islamic clothing realm, they have been serving customers worldwide for over 10 years! So it's truly amazing to be able to collaborate with this brand. As an avid fashionista and shopper I believe that online shopping has revolutionized the way we consume fashion. More so, when you have trusted online stores such as Artizara. My outfit, the 'Allie Deep BlueColorblock Tunic' is from their awesome collection.

When the opportunity came, I did my research on the brand as I always try to be extra careful about who I align myself with at all times. I consider if it feels authentic and if it fits with my demographic. Another important aspect to consider, is if being an ambassador for a particular brand means you can’t work with any other company/brand in that category and for how long? I never want to end up having to shoot myself in the foot and have to decline working with a brand because I didn’t think through my prior commitments. In this case I would do a cost analysis and see how much I am really being paid…not just in money, but exposure and traffic. I find value in working as a brand ambassador because it reinforces the intention, purpose and mission of my own blog.  I’m passionate about highlighting that MODEST fashion is a 'thing' in the Caribbean and more specifically Trinidad and Tobago; so partnering up with a modest brand helps me to fuel that passion.

 Lastly, working as a brand ambassador leads to other opportunities to work with other brands. As a fashion/ style blogger, I believe it's extremely crucial to be mindful of what I say when I'm endorsing and representing anything, because whenever I put my stamp of approval on something, I'm telling you that this brand/ product represents me and my personal style and tastes. I have a handful of blogs that I like to read because I totally trust their transparency and believe that the products they’re promoting are products they genuinely believe in. I hope you guys get that from my blog, because it’s so important to me!

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