16 September 2015


 Capture The Moment is my first birthday shoot where I had a wonderful opportunity to celebrate my birthday in style. Here the birthday girl- yours truly- tries her hand at being a model for the day, vogueing in front of the camera like a star :)

My birthday last year was pretty quiet so this year I figured it'd be fun to do a themed photo shoot. I knew I wanted to do something a bit quirky but fun, so I decided on a fairy tale-like theme, with balloons as props. As you can see the space is really beautiful and exhibits a natural lighting contrast.

Of course I can never be without a dash of fash, so I  rocked my very own flirty, tulle skirt.

I was extremely happy to shoot at one of my favorite places in all of Trinidad and Tobago, and that I was able to spend a fun filled morning capturing these beautiful memories. I mean, why not? It’s a great way to commemorate such a wonderful occasion. I think everyone should take the time out to be a little selfish and spoil themselves on their birthdays. 

Happy birthday to me :D



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