30 May 2015



I was invited on BBC Radio programme called The Conversation to talk about my journey as a Hijabi in the twin island state of Trinidad & Tobago. The Conversation highlights success stories from two women from two cultures on the passions that have shaped their lives. 

This was my first radio interview with BBC and as you can imagine it was pretty exciting and overwhelming. As the interview progressed we spoke about deeper issues pertaining to Hijab and hopefully covered the key points of the interview. I believe I handled it well! Hopefully this will be the first of many appearances over the airwaves. 

Here are some shots in the production studio, from my BBC recording. I must say its such as honor to have my blog noticed by BBC and then interviewed by BBC's Kim Chakanetsa about my journey as a Caribbean Hijabi. Enjoy.

Before entering the production room to record with BBC.

After recording.

One final frame before leaving the C News compound.

The result: Finally the interview is featured on the BBC World Service website, with over 4 million listeners worldwide. 

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