6 March 2015


Outside view of the Eastparc Hotel: Our home away from home.

Yogyakarta— despite the official spelling, the name is usually pronounced and not uncommonly written Jogjakarta or just Jogja (JOGH-jah) — is a major tourist destination in Indonesia. It is the capital city of the province of Yogyakarta Special Region which is in the southern part of the Central Java province, Indonesia. 

This fascinating city was also the city in which I spent the last leg of my World Muslimah journey. Some places you travel just feel good immediately – for me, Yogyakarta, Indonesia was one of them. Known locally as Jogjakarta (or, more often, simply “Jog-ja”), Yogyakarta is one of Indonesia’s most-visited cities  in spite of its relatively small size, due to the wealth of attractions that exist in and around it.

The number of things to do and see in Yogyakarta can make deciding how much time to spend here intimidating, to say the least. No matter where in Indonesia you’re coming from, you’ll feel a unique sense of arrival upon getting to Yogyakarta.This is as much because of the incredible energy here as it is Yogyakarta’s status as a special region. There’s something about this place that’s impossible to resist!

Lounge area

Palms trees inside the hotel. Exquisite right?!

My hotel room.
Room service.
Top: Nazreen Ali (India) and I getting our makeup done by Wardah Cosmetics MUAs.
Bottom: Warm greetings from fellow finalists on the night of my arrival; meeting Dina Torkia (UK) for the first time. 

Getting our makeup done.

Cross section of finalists after harmonious Qur'anic recitation.

Top 10 finalists.

This is what breakfast looked like every morning at the EastParc Hotel. Those fruits were soooo delicious I had to have a serving of them each day.

Can you imagine breakfast costing 48,000 dollars??? But in this case its not dollars its Rupiah (Indonesia's currency).

Breakfast menu

One of the best features of this hotel is that is has TWO pools. (There another at the back.)

My roomies :)

At the airport., leaving Yogyakarta for Jakarta. And no the statue isn't Buddha. LOL.

One of the many "Only in Indonesia"
Boarding my flight for Jakarta.
Batik Airways....boarding from the tail of the aircraft.

Other airlines in the Lion Group.

Finally on board, looking for my seat.....Jakarta bound!

Wanna know what happened when I arrived in JAKARTA?

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