24 December 2014


Hello lovelies!

I hope everything’s going well with you all. I was supposed to have written this blog last month, but with all that's been happening I only got a chance to sit back and face my laptop this evening to blog.

I'm quite enthusiastically interested in makeup, and so I'm happy to share my musing on makeup, especially a brand that I’ve been privy to and find interesting; and most importantly a brand that is HALAL. For my non-Muslim and/or non-Arabic speakers, Halal is an Arabic word that means "permissible" according to Islamic law.)
 Wardah is an Indonesian brand with a tremendous amount of success in promoting their products as a Halal makeup brand. Their image really bonds with fresh and young Muslim women. Moreover, when people are talking about halal makeup, the first thing that pops out of their heads is Wardah, ALTHOUGH there are lots of other halal makeup brands such as Sariayu, PAC, La Tulip, etc. Wardah cosmetics has developed a range of make-up that is permeable to water. Other than its halal ingredients, the product is formulised to generate a thin breathable barrier between water and skin upon application. This new formulation has meet the needs of modern women lifestyle to look beautiful and pure.


If Wardah's selling point is halal – and thus Muslim-friendly – cosmetics, then why do they promote skin-lightening products? Isn’t it discriminatory to promote lighter skin as more beautiful than darker skin?

The thing is, if Wardah Beauty brands itself as "Halal" then that implies that they practice Shariah compliant principles. As such, even though using a cream that lightens one’s skin colour isn't deemed unlawful in Islam per se, it is nevertheless going against the spirit of the teachings of Islam.
The western world considers lighter skin complexion as more appealing to darker tones, and this message transcends world wide. Wardah’s idea of “inspiring beauty” includes jumping on the industry bandwagon to sell products that promote a skewed idea of attractiveness i.e lighter complexion. In the words, of  Afia R. Fitriati, "Wardah is selling itself as a halal-certified Pond’s or Olay, if you will.  If Wardah wants to do what the “mainstream” cosmetics companies do, that’s fine with me. But please don’t try to sell me that those ideas are what “inspiring beauty” all about, because it’s just plain insulting to my intelligence. What’s even more disappointing for me is that a long-standing, Muslim-related brand like Wardah still fails to give a somewhat accurate portrayal of the multidimensional Muslim women. The only multidimensional aspect of their ads that I’ve seen as compared to their previous ads is the showcasing of non-hijabis in the ads to imply that Wardah embraces the diversity of its customers. Why stick to the demure stereotype of the idealized Muslim women? A streak of strength or independence in the commercials would resonate better with real women like myself, for example, and would certainly be more relevant to the “Inspiring Beauty” tagline. Or how about linking cosmetics to a woman’s personal joy, as opposed to the need of pleasing others, for a change? 
 Going with the flow of “normal” practices in the advertising industry may seem like the easy and safe way to achieve the brand’s objectives. But such perspective cannot be further than the truth in this age of transparency and short attention span. As marketing guru Seth Godin in Linchpin says, "It’s time to stop complying with the system and draw your own map". In the same book, he also says, "You don’t become indispensable merely because you are different. But the only way to become indispensable is to be different." Given their nature, brands claiming to carry Islamic values are already different than other brands. It is time that they embrace and take pride in those differences. If such brave initiative comes from a Muslim-owned company that sells halal products like Wardah, I promise I will be the first person to give a standing ovation." 


 All finalists of the World Muslimah Award 2014 received  packages of Wardah Beauty cosmetics as a complimentary gift. Wardah Beauty was aslo the main sponsor of the event and so all makeup used throughout the event were from Wardah Beauty. Here are some of the Wardah Beauty cosmetics I received and have reviewed.

Compact Powder

 Excellent compact powder: Absorb excess oils and moisturizes the skin. Contains vitamin E as an antioxidant, therefore leaving an excellent, soft, and natural matte finish. This powder stays quite nicely on my face for about five hours or so. The coverage is sheer (just as I like it) and I love how smooth its application is and how natural it looks. If you have  dry skin, and you're in need of a powder that gives you a natural finish, you should definitely try this powder. 

Blush & Eyeshadow Trio

With regards to packaging: very clean, simple, and straight to the point. I can see the colors from the outside packaging so it’s easy to find which trio I want to use, especially when I’m in a hurry (I really don’t have time to flip every eyeshadow to find colours I want to use). It’s quite small so it’s very handy for traveling. What I like about the packaging is although they use transparent plastic, it’s quite thick and strong. The silver print on the front is lovely, doesn’t peel off, and covers the sponge brush very well so it doesn’t expose the dirty sponge :P The mirror is kinda useless though because it’s really tiny, but it’s still acceptable if I don’t have any mirror at all.

The texture and finish varies from one set to another. A good primer would probably make the trios pop and last longer, but personally I don’t like using eyeshadow base or primer. I love makeup but I'm also a minimalist when it comes to its application. This is because I want to minimize applying unnecessary things on my skin, especially since my skin is sensitive. Now and then I'll go all out with eyeshadows, but definitely not for everyday usage. It’s nice for people who are new to eye makeup, because you can try various colours and textures within an affordable price range. This is definitely for people who prefer a natural look because the color payoff is okay and the shimmer isn't overwhelming. If you like wild colors, looking for obvious pigmentation, or already satisfied with your favorite eyeshadows, you may want to skip this.

Perfectcurl Mascara

I haven't tried the Wardah perfectcurl mascara as yet.Thanks to my thick eye lashes I don’t use mascara often or falsies— EVER! I never use falsies. #Icant. I’m quite confident with my natural eyelashes, however MaybellineVolume Express Mascara is my current favorite mascara.

 Sunscreen Gel SPF 30 

This sunscreen is a dual purpose sunscreen, namely protecting your skin against UVA and UVB and it contains Aloe Vera, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E which serve to moisten the skin. 

As written on the packaging, it says sunscreen gel , but the texture is creamier than that of a gel. Although not in the form of a cream solid, you could say its cream texture is light and when applied to the skin, it instantly blends until it becomes transparent. Some sunscreens leave a white layer on the surface of the skin after application but this product does not leave a layer. BONUS! 

  • Love the packaging: pratical for travelling.
  • Dual purpose: sunscreen and also serves to hydrate the skin.
  • Moisturizes skin quite well! : D
  • Texture isn't cream heavy.
  • Delicious fragrance. 
  • No irritations.

  • By the time the weather gets hot PERSPIRATION 101 IS ACTIVATED. Not cool. 
  • Tends to be a bit sticky after application. Not cool either.
  • Only serves as SPF, no PA ++ :( 
  • SPF should be higher 60+

Exclusive Lipstick

Wardah has wide range of pastel-peach-pink lipsticks and they are indeed very pretty! I had two of them to try, but unfortunately the lipsticks were drying my lips so I had to let them go :( Well you know the difference between ‘matte-finish’ & ‘chapped lips’ don’t you? For some people it may feel OK because it contains Jojoba Oil, vit. e and stuffs but it chapped my lips anyway. I’m a matte lipstick junkie, and the secret to wearing matte lipsticks without making your lips chapped and dry is lip balm. Oh! And drink plenty of water. Before applying lipstick I always coat my lips with lip balm. I find that it gives the lipstick an even application and like I previously mentioned its a neat trick when using matte lippies. I plan to get more mattes. I want to try matte lippies from Lime Crime. Any suggestions for matte lipsticks I should try? Do let me know!

I hope you found my review helpful. Of course cosmetic products produce different results for different folks, and as such this was my experience with the products that were given to me. You can find out more about Wardah Beauty Cosmetics here: WARDAH BEAUTY

See you on the next post. xoxoxo.

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