26 October 2014


I've battled through lengthy assignments, examinations, those dreaded group assignments (urgh!) and finally the best part is here: GRADUATION! One of the most important and most memorable days of my life. Saturday October 25th, 2014 marked my official graduation day from The University of the West Indies. I'd be trollIng if I didn't say that there were definitely times when I wondered if this day would ever come.  But for the most part, this past year has flown by! Alhamdulilah I've done it. 

 I woke up early and got myself ready for the big day. Reaching to the top of my wall, I pulled down my saved-for-graduation-day blue gown, still tightly wrapped in the plastic. Putting on the stiff, starchy, and perfectly blue robe...wow...I felt so proud of myself. My graduation ceremony took place at the Sports and Physical Education Centre at the U.W.I. All in all, there were hundreds of students graduating on Saturday. The best part was that the ceremony wasn't as long as I though It'd be. Sometimes it's best to experience things for yourself rather than go with people's opinions. The weather was fantastic and despite a few minor hiccups ( you know they always pop up on those big special days...lordd why???), I loved everything about the day. Soon enough, we were entering the auditorium to the harmonious music of a live band...Kudos you guys were awesome!
 Of course all the important individuals presented on stage and sooner than I thought my name was  called, I stepped up onto the stage, (not shaking the hands of the Chancellor) but a bowing with respect and YESSSS receiving my diploma!
Alhamdulilah, I was able to have my family there to celebrate with me!  They have given me so much support this past year and it is very much appreciated.This entire experience wouldn’t have been the same without them. They pushed me to do my best and I truly appreciate everything they have done for me, as well as my friends, over the past years. I especially have to thank my husband for his unwavering support of me this past year. Whether he was nursing me back to health, encouraging me to keep up with the blog (and fulfilling my goal of writing almost every.single.week), or simply going out to the restaurant to buy me OK's Watermelon juice—my favourite drink ever—on those hot Belizean days. MEIN.

 The rest of the day involved spending the day at the movies and mall and promptly falling asleep on my bed as I got home. Funnily enough that simple act could probably sum up the past year in a nutshell—thrilling, but exhausting! Lastly, I want to thank you all for reading along and supporting me over the past year.  I have loved sharing this journey with you and can’t wait to share what’s ahead!

WHAT TO WEAR??? The dilemma many face... 
Graduation is of course a wonderful celebration. Not only does it mark an entirely new chapter of life, it’s a ceremony that recognizes your hard work and achievements throughout the years of university. It’s a special occasion, so it’s a good idea to put a little extra effort into your look. There’s always pre-graduation anxieties and nerves, the thought of walking on stage in front of a crowd, you will want to look your best. I thought it'd be a great idea to offer some tips to help all of you upcoming graduates put your best foot forward in front of your professors, classmates, family and friends. Here are a few things to keep in mind…

OUTFIT:You will of course want to look cute in photos with friends on the big day, but also keep in mind that graduation is a ceremony for people’s parents, grandparents, and professors. That said, don’t reach for the trendiest, tightest dress in your closet. Instead, opt for an elegant and conservative style that will look appropriate in front of friends and family alike. As a Muslim I'm always covered up so I choose to go for a light, cool fabric under my jacket. Those robes can get a little toasty, so fabric choice has to be sensible.

SHOES: Being comfortable on graduation day is a must. You will be walking, standing, sitting, posing and more! If you don’t want to go the flats route, I suggest finding a pair of wedges that is comfortable to walk in. They will give you support and make your look more dressed-up than flats. It’s also important to remember that when you’re wearing your gown, the only thing people will see are your shoes, making them equally as important (if not more!) as your graduation dress. Find a pair that is classy, cute and comfortable. I think wedges are the best as they’re a good balance between heels and flats. They are comfier than heels but still very flattering. I wore a thick-heeled pump shoe, I'm not a fan of those anorexic heels, they have a habit of betraying us sometimes...and can be uncomfortable although they are pretty. If you like flats fine, I wouldn't do flats on graduation though, I think heels are more flattering and it is a special day after all!

JEWELRY: I wouldn't say that your jewelry has to be simple to the extreme, but you also don’t want to overdo it. Stick to one staple bauble—whether that means rocking a statement necklace or having an arm party. Then keep the rest of your jewelry simple—a ladylike ring, pearl earrings. Try to avoid anything that jingles around as you will probably be shaking hands, waving, and giving hugs all day. 

MAKEUP: Go for a natural, fresh beauty look. You want your makeup to give you a natural glow so that you will look radiant. You don't want to pile it on an then feel as though you're melting. Keep it light and choose a feminine lip color. I went for a natural pink lip. 

I hope these tips have helped to prepare you for graduation day! As long as you dress to flatter your figure and channel your true personal style, I’m sure you will look great! Toodles... xoxo.

Standing out from the crowd..... :D

Waiting for my name to be called.....so exciting!!!

Bowing to the Chancellor....

Ahhhh.....finally :D

Hijabi power!!!!

My outfit...

My pre-school teacher and I...so amazing...I couldn't believe it!

I love love love these beautiful flowers <3

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