24 August 2014


Hey guys,
So this weekend I attended the Red Runway Fashion Show in Trinidad and it was so amazingggg, I had such a grand time socializing and meeting new models and designers. The event was held at the Cascadia Hotel, in Port of Spain and seeks to support capacity building by the discovery of new models, make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists and apparel designers. As Trinidad & Tobago's acclaimed main fashion event and 7th consecutive year, Red Runway also seeks to highlight, market and propel Trinidad and Tobago's fashion industry. This was my first year in attendance and I absolutely loved it, apart from having a front row seat and being able to see everything up close and personal, I really enjoyed some of the designs that designers sent down the runway. Exactly, 28 local and emerging fashion designers showcased their collections  ranging from Urban and ethnic wear to swimwear and formal designs. I do think the designs of some designers are just as great as the big name designers in Trinidad in terms of their quality and design. I personally would like to see more support for all our local designers, because I think when one of us win we all win, and that's the mental projection that would take us forward.

I think the highlight of the night for most folks was the fact that Alexander Masson, French/Colombian male model was also present at the event. You might know him from his appearances in two of Jennifer Lopez's videos “I Luh Ya Papi” and “Adrenalina”. 

 He did strut his stuff down the runway and was well received by all. I admire his humility just as much as his beauty and I'm quite sure everyone who has ever met him in person can agree with the former, but the latter is just so much more obvious. LOL.  Ma'shallah. It was really nice to see him interacting with the public as if he had known us forever. Alexander you have scored. Trinidad loves you. You can watch my mini interview (about 3 questions) with him here on my YOU TUBE CHANNEL. Here are some photos from the night's event.

Here are some of the designs  that intrigued me, and could probably summon a couple bills from my wallet.
 I love the simplicity and purity of these designs:

 I'm a sucker for neon colours and prints so I absolutely love these two swimwear pieces and more importantly the design in terms of apparel construction.

  I admire a designer who can design an all black outfit and make it look so effortless and chic. My favourite part about this outfit is the sneakers and the relaxed look it projects.

 PRINTSSSSS!!!! I love them all.


 Oh and I can't possibly forget the men, the designs they wore were nothing short of DAPPER. Here are my favourite looks from the men's wear.


All runway photos courtesy E T&T Weekly. You can view the entire Album Here. 

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