10 April 2016


I am really excited to share  this amazing product with you guys. This is perhaps the most brilliant concept I have ever come across when it comes to foot wear. Im wondering why no one has thought of this before. It's like having multiple shoes for every one shoe you own. Amazing! Kuoco allows you to be the designer by being able to customize your  shoe within seconds, in a few easy steps.


 Kuoco Shoes  is an Australian designed and manufactured product, made from premium leather  and manufactured by one of Australia’s best shoe manufacturers. Kuoco Shoes, is a versatile shoe concept that is sure to fulfill every woman's desire and fuel their shoe addiction!  What makes Kuoco Shoes so different is that you can choose from a range of soles, straps and toe jewels to design a shoe  unique to your style with limitless possibilities.


Firstly, you select a sole. 
There are two different color soles you can choose from, black and tan leather. Both the straps and outer sole of the shoes are made from genuine leather. I chose black, as I already have so many tan soled shoes. The sole features a flat heel, just under half of an inch.

Secondly, you select a strap. 
Kuoco has a stunning selection of straps ranging from prints (cheetah and zebra), bedazzled, beaded, shiny and matte leather in varying popping colors.

Finally, you select your toe jewel.
According to Kuoco this is the icing on the cake and I strongly agree. They've got vast selection of toe jewels in many different shapes: round, square/diamond, plain, embellished and even a flower shaped toe jewel! I received a beautiful peacock feather toe jewel, which is my favorite. I am still so amazed by the concept of a "toe jewel". I was even more amazed to know that the toe jewel can be screwed on at the toe of the shoe.  None of  the sandals that I own can do that, which is why I am so excited about my new Kuoco shoes. So in case you still haven't grasped this brilliant concept of foot wear, here's a 14 second demo:


The shoe also features an elastic strap band to the back and two snap-ons on either side of the shoe for customizing the straps. The inner part of the sole is super soft and thus quite comfortable. I love that the components of the shoe are very durable, I was able to tell by the feel of the material against my skin. By mixing and matching combinations of straps and toe jewels you can create a unique pair of shoes fit for any occasion. Whether you're going on a holiday and want a fun and flirty look or attending a formal event and want a more sophisticated and glamorous look, the choice is yours - with limitless combinations at your finger tips. Kuoco not only provides you with flexibility and creativity to design a unique look but also a cost effective solution to your wardrobe. Shoe lovers, what more can you ask for?!

My extra straps and Toe Jewels, which came in a lovely, velvet, pull-string bag.

I adore this blue, it's so vibrant. So Caribbean ;)

You can literally customize your footwear for every outfit.

 Kuoco's motto is ‘Shoes Your Style‘ for a reason.  Get creative and have some fun choosing your style.

Nabs xo

15 March 2016




I might be a married lady now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a Boyfriend. And by Boyfriend,  it’s pretty safe to say I’m attached to the dude on my hip. I’m so in love with my Vibrant MIU ripped boyfriend jeans! Haha. At the time of shooting this outfit, these jeans were my first pair. That has since changed and I now have five fab pairs! Different colours and ripped styles. If you’re wondering – yes, they came all ripped up like this when I bought them. Distressed and cut-up denim has become an effortless and timeless trend that instantly makes you feel like a rock star. Although they're referred to as "Ugly" I love distressed denim. You can do so many things with it! Of course as a Muslimah, I had to Halal-ify these ripped jeans. I wore a black leggings underneath, so that my skin wouldn't show. I think the ripped jeans looks just as fab if not better than the ones where skin is shown :P Haha! It's so much fun styling and Halalifying looks, it really does make me more creative every time :)

I’m loyal to these jeans because they are so comfortable and loose fitting- it's like wearing a dream. You don’t even what to know how many times I’ve tried on a pair of jeans and the style and color are PERFECT but when I try it on….not so much. I have longer legs than torso so the pant length isn’t  the biggest issue for me. The hardest part is making sure it sits right around my waist. YESSS! I lovvvve high-waisted styles - jeans, skirts etc. You don’t even want to know how many times I’ve been in a rush to leave my house and need to whip up a quick stylish look. These ripped boyfriend jeans right here is BAE. When all else fails, and you can't find the right pair for your body, take matters into your own hands- literally. Just take your favourite pair of jeans, a cheeese grater and a pair of scissors and create MAGIC!

HIJAB: CHIJAB Hijab Collection
I sew both my JERSEY & LACE CARDIGAN ;)