12 October 2014


Hola amigos,

Today I bring you these beautiful abayas from Z's Exclusive Designs. Z's Exclusive contacted me to model these wonderful abayas from her collection and I was quite delighted, although I am not so much of an abaya-wearing person. Generally speaking, I don't like wearing abayas...it's just not my style, but this collection of abayas from Dubai really made me rethink wearing abayas. I guess the cut of the abayas is what really made me fall in love with them, oh! and of course the material as well...very light weight, so much that it feels like an air condition unit. A couple years ago abayas were so mundane, these days there are endless innovative abaya designs. I'm so elated Islamic fashion and style has resurrected and I am so excited with the many different styles to choose from. I think I'd like to design my own abaya collection in the future. Amazing stuff.

Most people assume  that the abaya is just a plain black cloth. What a lot of people who have not been to the Gulf do not know is that it has a lot fashion incorporated in it. If someone looks closely no two abayas are alike. I personally own a few abayas and all are different styles and fabrics. Some are formal and some are just for in the house and others are for everyday wearing. I enjoy seeing all the women wearing many different designs. One of my favorite styles that I own is a bat style, the top of the abaya flows out while the bottom is sliming ( you'll see it below, with a metallic finish on the chest). 

Most Westerners find it hard to get their heads around the concept of modest fashion let alone a stylish abaya or how an abaya can possibly be fashionbale...like wth how does wearing a big black box-looking garment make you look fashionable??? In all honesty, I’m not its greatest fan either...BUT...it's absolutely possible. Believe it or not, there are actually some benefits to wearing an abaya that most of us could embrace. Here are 6 tongue in cheek ones... 

  1. Black is slimming, so we should all look like supermodels. Hmm, maybe not but at least it’s flowing cut covers a multitude of sins. No need to suck that tummy in any more, or worry about your love handles showing over your jeans. The abaya gives you a streamlined appearance no matter what your size.
  2.  You can wear your PJs down the street and nobody needs to know. Just slip on your abaya and presto! Exceptionally bold expat women brave the shops in just their underwear (with requisite abaya in place, nobody needs to know how unchaste you’re being).
  3. You NEVER have to worry what to wear. The Long Black Dress will take you anywhere – from trips out into the city or the market to shop, to 5 star restaurants and even weddings. Want to inject a bit of colour? Just add a bright scarf...Or, you  can most definitely find abayas in all colours and prints, so no worries there. And if you have a funeral to attend, you’re all set for mourning with a wardrobe full of black!
  4. Less risk of skin cancer. The temperatures  in the Caribbean can peak over 30C. Think of your abaya as an all over 100+SPF sunblock. No harmful cancer rays getting through there!
  5.  It’s easier to go incognito. If you want to blend into the crowd and avoid detection, just slip on a hijab and no one will know it’s you.
  6.  If you’ve had enough of black, you can always break out the gorgeously green abaya.
Honestly I love every one of the abayas from the collection. It also features animal print abayas for those of you who'd like to sport your love for prints whilst wearing an abaya. I absolutely love it ! Now that’s how you can follow the latest fashion being a Hijabi. Z's exclusive Designs is open Saturdays & Sundays. Feel free to give her a call: 680-8409/ 303-5725/ 653-0140 if you want to own some of these exquisite designs.

 Ciao my lovelies~

28 September 2014




Hey guys,

Its been exactly one month since my last post. I miss blogging weekly. I've been so busy with my studies in Fashion Design lately, its really demanding and takes up a heck of a lot of time. I have five portfolios to produce so I'm putting all my time and effort in to making them happen. 

As a fashion design student, I am required to sew a lot so I'm glad that hasn't changed but only increased. I love sewing my own clothes and as you can imagine my newest guilty pleasure is shopping for fabric. I create my own clothes so often now, that I barely buy any. One of the most satisfying aspects of being a sewist is knowing how to create your own clothing and having the ability to cater to your own style by sewing garments that are unique to you. I love knowing that when I wear something I’ve made, it’s unlike anything anyone else has. I also like that when I have the urge to expand my wardrobe, I can just make what I want. 

If I were a movie star on a red carpet being asked that ridiculous "who are you wearing?" question, I could quite happily say: "Well. I am wearing me." Knowing my luck, the camera would then zoom onto some stray thread or a wonky hemline. Nahhh just kidding. Believe it or not though, there was a point in my life when I took sewing lessons (at my mom's will, NOT MINE) and frankly, I hated it so much. These days, I make most of the clothes in my wardrobe. The first thing people say to me when I tell them I make my own clothes is usually something along the lines of: "Oh I WISH I could do that!" My friends always ask me to teach them to sew, secretly wishing they had my nifty fingers and hands...but it's really not as difficult as you think.

Most people think we're a rare breed, but not really. Like anything, the more you sew, the better you get. I've gone from wonky seam and hem lines to my very first pair of jeans...work jacket, maxi dress etc. I have a list of things I claim I can't sew written in my notepad. Eventually, it'll be non existent.  The whole reason I got into sewing was because I wanted to become a designer, so the ability to sew is definitely a MUST and also I was so inspired by the vibrant community of creative sewing bloggers out there. There is no shortage of inspiration out there. If you sew enough, it becomes a lifestyle in itself. The more I sew the better I become at it, and with each new garment I make I am able to finish quicker than the previous one. Its really amazing to be able to sew yourself a garment especially when you have that urge to wear something new. There's always quite a lot of pride when it comes to something you've made from scratch. There is absolutely nothing better than wearing something I made myself. It also makes you realize just how much work goes into the clothes on your back. I barely buy new clothes and if I do, I usually just take them apart and make them into something else. Every time I walk into a store I cant help but mutter to myself  "Why pay for something that I can make myself?"

A few days ago I sewed this entire outfit for work. I just felt like wearing something totally new in Black and White, so I got on my machine and made myself a whole new kit. I didn't have to depend on someone to take my measurements, or do fittings to sew me an outfit. I did it myself and that's the best luxury that being able to sew affords me.

24 August 2014


Hey guys,
So this weekend I attended the Red Runway Fashion Show in Trinidad and it was so amazingggg, I had such a grand time socializing and meeting new models and designers. The event was held at the Cascadia Hotel, in Port of Spain and seeks to support capacity building by the discovery of new models, make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists and apparel designers. As Trinidad & Tobago's acclaimed main fashion event and 7th consecutive year, Red Runway also seeks to highlight, market and propel Trinidad and Tobago's fashion industry. This was my first year in attendance and I absolutely loved it, apart from having a front row seat and being able to see everything up close and personal, I really enjoyed some of the designs that designers sent down the runway. Exactly, 28 local and emerging fashion designers showcased their collections  ranging from Urban and ethnic wear to swimwear and formal designs. I do think the designs of some designers are just as great as the big name designers in Trinidad in terms of their quality and design. I personally would like to see more support for all our local designers, because I think when one of us win we all win, and that's the mental projection that would take us forward.

I think the highlight of the night for most folks was the fact that Alexander Masson, French/Colombian male model was also present at the event. You might know him from his appearances in two of Jennifer Lopez's videos “I Luh Ya Papi” and “Adrenalina”. 

 He did strut his stuff down the runway and was well received by all. I admire his humility just as much as his beauty and I'm quite sure everyone who has ever met him in person can agree with the former, but the latter is just so much more obvious. LOL.  Ma'shallah. It was really nice to see him interacting with the public as if he had known us forever. Alexander you have scored. Trinidad loves you. You can watch my mini interview (about 3 questions) with him here on my YOU TUBE CHANNEL. Here are some photos from the night's event.

Here are some of the designs  that intrigued me, and could probably summon a couple bills from my wallet.
 I love the simplicity and purity of these designs:

 I'm a sucker for neon colours and prints so I absolutely love these two swimwear pieces and more importantly the design in terms of apparel construction.

  I admire a designer who can design an all black outfit and make it look so effortless and chic. My favourite part about this outfit is the sneakers and the relaxed look it projects.

 PRINTSSSSS!!!! I love them all.


 Oh and I can't possibly forget the men, the designs they wore were nothing short of DAPPER. Here are my favourite looks from the men's wear.


All runway photos courtesy E T&T Weekly. You can view the entire Album Here.