6 October 2015





Hola Guapos,

Recently I have been wanting to do an avant-garde photo shoot. In constructing any project, I love to push the envelope, walk on the edge, and take bold liberties with creativity and attitude.  I just needed to find the right style to work with. I'll share with you a few components that I considered for the conceptualization of this avant-garde project. 

First of all, my lighting setup was pretty simple. I used natural light i.e le sunlight. Just as lighting, the  background/environment is quite important when establishing mood and style. Usually urban decay, distressed and obscure objects, and apocalyptic imagery have always been themes incorporated into this genre of photography. Outrageous props can also serve as excellent tools for inspiration, but we chose to shoot in water (yes..because I'm a big water baby) and also so that the water would mesh with the mesh  (no pun intended) :)

In fashion, face, hair style (in my case hijab style) and clothing are primary focal points within each photograph. In avant-garde, these factors are ESSENTIAL. I designed a simple two piece garment for this shoot: A dark, chiffon dress and a candyfloss (fish-net-like) head piece. Many of my recent fashion shoots were built to feature my clothing as a designer, and although I designed and sew my garment, this shoot wasn't about featuring my clothing per se. However, I wanted the clothing to agree with the unconventional theme. I paired the dark, dress with a light, golden head piece, for a  heavy color and texture contrast. Additionally, I knew the golden colour would meld beautifully with the color of the water. As a stylist, designer and model I really enjoy redefining the meaning of clothing, through my level of creativity. 

As all my shoots, this one was successful because I'm a willing model, supported by a highly creative photographer, which can inspire anything we imagine within the limits. And of course. Attitude. Is. Everything. What's more fun than dramatically shaking the ground of what is acceptable, and truly capturing the avant-garde spirit?!
Besos x

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1 October 2015