17 July 2014


Hola mis amigos!

Today I had the pleasure of shooting with a really talented photographer. L.I.M.E. It stands for LOOK INTO MY EYES....the very thing we do at times, when we're being photographed...glaring down those big beautiful lenses. You can see more of his work HERE. We had actually been talking about a possible collaboration earlier this year when I was back in Belize. LIME had politely indicated his interest to shoot me (with his camera lol). I was quite delighted by his request, because I see every photo shoot as an opportunity to reinvent myself, besides when photographers request to shoot me, it makes me wonder why...maybe they see something special in me..Who knows? Anyways, although I agreed, it wasn't until I arrived in Trinidad a few months later, that we actually began discussing available options for the shoot. 
Alas! We were able to collaborate on this amazing and fun photo shoot. It was a perfect day. Subhanallah!
We shot these pictures on site the beautiful Queens Park Savannah in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. Did you know that The world's LARGEST traffic roundabout is the Queen's Park Savannah? Yes! With an approximate distance around the perimeter of 3.5 km it is Port of Spain's largest open space—and the world's largest traffic roundabout. So fascinating right? The location was magnificent. With all the creativity, colours and art done on the walls, there wasn't a place in Port of Spain that day that I think would have been  more in sync with my vision for my neon dress. I knew I wanted to shoot with a graffiti background for my neon dress because I had imagined it would somehow compliment the dress. Could I have been more right?! You see the thing is... my mind is always hosting a color party and so Im always thinking about which colours, patterns etc go well together. My personal goal with colours, when dressing is to make any and every colour go well together. I believe that any combination of colours is wearable, it's really about being confident when you wear them. 
I love the fact that I decided not to wear any heels for this particular shoot. I really wanted a natural look foot-wise and it made the shoot even more comfortable and relaxed. Most people probably think you need a pair of killer heels to produce kick ass photos, but hey I can kick ass barefooted. Besides, if you look at the last two photos, there's quite a bit of athleticism going on, so I don't think heels would have been a smart choice. 
Who says you can't be fashionable and athletic simultaneously? Like literally! 
Toodles xoxo Nabs.